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The Mperativ Revenue Marketing Platform

Connect Marketing to Revenue

Easily implement a scalable go-to-market strategy through smarter data and processes

FY Marketing Planning

Jumpstart Your Year

FY Marketing Planning allows CMOs to generate, monitor, and adjust a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.

Generate FY Plan

Create strategic plan that links marketing to pipeline contribution and revenue.

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Fine-Tune Assumptions

Measure and modify your baseline assumptions to continuously improve plan accuracy.

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Track Momentum

Use actionable target metrics across the entire demand engine to guide course corrections throughout the year.

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Marketing Highlights

Keep a Finger on the Pulse

Marketing Highlights provides CMOs with an interactive overview of the key strategic marketing metrics.

Monitor Health

Quickly assess the KPIs and velocity of your demand engine.

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Get Smart

Better understand and target your ideal customer profiles by tracking key demand generation trends across segments.

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Take Action

Leverage insights to implement specific adjustments to your plan.

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Revenue Insights

Understand Your Business

Revenue Insights provides CMOs with a full suite of in-depth and interactive visualizations for marketing objective forecasting and analysis.

Pipeline Generation

Have a more complete understanding of how to effectively build pipeline to meet future objectives.

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Executive Insights

Always be prepared with compelling visuals for business reviews or board meetings.

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Revenue Analysis

Instantly filter by segments, industries, regions, and more, to better identify key revenue drivers.

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Multi-Touch Attribution

Know What Works

Multi-touch Attribution enables CMOs to identify which content and campaigns are converting ideal customer profiles across the buyer journey to won customers.

Attribution ROI

Make the most of your resources by identifying the revenue return of every program dollar spent.

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Campaign Attribution

Find the right mix of activities by knowing which pieces of content had the greatest impact at each phase of the demand engine.

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Proximity-Based Model

Enhance multi-touch attribution with a proximity-based model to get a deeper understanding of pipeline and revenue generation.

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The Revenue Supply Chain

Optimize Your Revenue Engine

The Revenue Supply Chain provides CMOs with an interactive strategic view of the demand engine across marketing and sales, supported by detailed opportunity data.

Complete Picture

Get a strategic assessment of every phase of the buyer journey across marketing and sales.

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Accelerate Velocity

Dive into the details to determine how best to drive accounts and opportunities forward.

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World-Class Operations

Implement best-in-class practices and visualize the resulting impact on growth.

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No Assembly Required

Rapid Onboarding

Setup the platform in less than a day.

No Hassle

No infrastructure, development, servers, or consultants required.

Fully SaaS

Eliminate the complexity of building your own platform.

Flexible Backend

Easily plug in your data no matter how customized your CRM.

Democratize Access

No extra charge on a per user basis.

SOC 2 Compliant

Security is in our DNA.

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