The Land of Opportunities:
The End of ABM and the Dawn of Revenue Marketing
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Despite pouring serious time and effort into understanding their demand engines, marketing leaders are struggling to convince their executive peers of their impact. Lead-based and account-based marketing have failed to deliver the insights the business needs. When the rest of the business cares about opportunities and revenue, lead-based or account-based metrics create a credibility gap for marketing to overcome.

Revenue Marketing is a new approach that centers marketing metrics around revenue, making it possible to align the entire business on the cause and effect relationships between marketing strategy and revenue outcomes. Revenue Marketing advances the role of the CMO as an orchestrator for the business and allows the value of marketing to finally resonate at the executive level.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
• How the lead-centric model has created a marketing credibility gap.
• Why Revenue Marketing is the way forward for the CMO.
• A demonstration of how the Mperativ platform easily operationalizes Revenue Marketing.


Jim McHugh

CEO and Co-Founder


Daniel Raskin

CPO and Co-Founder