Mperativ Unlocks Strategic AI for Marketing with First Cloud Offering to Bring AI Predictions to Marketing Planning and Measurement

Mperativ Platform Innovations Drive Concrete Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy, Combining 3rd Party Marketing Intent Data, 1st Party Operational Data and AI Models to Identify Most Likely Paths to Revenue

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September 14th, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO – September 14, 2022 – Mperativ, the Revenue Marketing Platform that connects marketing activities to revenue outcomes, today announced AI-powered platform features, including Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis and Marketing Opportunity Scoring. The new capabilities are industry-first in bringing the strategic value of AI to marketers and their stakeholders.

With Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis, marketing and revenue teams can more precisely determine the exact pipeline coverage necessary across every business segment to hit revenue goals, rather than assuming flat 3X-4X coverage. Marketing and revenue teams can then more effectively deploy resources to different activities and areas of the business. 

Marketing Opportunity Scoring aids this deployment by providing insights on which specific potential opportunities have the highest propensity to convert to pipeline. Opportunity Scores can be paired with 3rd party intent data to identify the most likely paths to revenue. Combined, these capabilities finally embed AI predictions into the strategic marketing lifecycle, removing the guesswork from the marketing planning and measuring process.

“Marketing and revenue teams struggle to overcome the historical disconnect between reporting from marketing and sales systems,” said Jim McHugh, co-founder and CEO at Mperativ. “This is compounded by a prevailing marketing credibility gap entrenched by the use of outdated lead-centric marketing metrics that do not meet revenue teams’ needs. We developed these new features to equip marketing leaders with a powerful predictive platform that eliminates the credibility gap without the cost, time and resource-intensive construction of a custom data science practice.”

The business benefits of AI have never been more clear. Adding AI-driven data practices has been shown to increase company earnings by twenty percent. And according to a 2020 Deloitte survey, three of the top five AI objectives were marketing-oriented. However, marketers have been blocked from taking advantage of AI due to the cost of building a data science practice and the difficulty of normalizing data across the customer journey. Strategic AI predictions have thus been reserved for use on sales data alone. Mperativ is the first to offer AI predictions on connected marketing and sales data across CRM, marketing automation, marketing intent, and sales engagement systems, which unlocks the value of strategic AI for marketing.

Marketing-Centric AI Platform for Repeatable Pipeline Attainment

Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis and Opportunity Scoring enable marketing teams to create a standard, scientific approach to marketing forecasting, planning, and measurement over time. With Mperativ, marketing teams can develop a repeatable practice for attaining pipeline goals that is powered by sophisticated AI, without the complexity of implementing AI on their own. Marketing teams can access meaningful predictions at their fingertips, all by leveraging their existing operational data that is combined with broader context from the Mperativ platform.

“With Mperativ, users can take advantage of a marketing-centric AI platform, wherein the hard work of normalizing their data, building data infrastructure, and selecting and deploying models is completed for them,” said Nohyun Myung, VP of Product, Applied AI/ML and Data Science at Mperativ. “Our objective with these new features is to promote precise and actionable predictions by combining classic components of time-series forecasting with neural networks. This allows us to hone in on the hidden operational parameters that influence a business, so marketing and revenue teams can tap into broader context than they’d have with just their own training data.” 

Mperativ is providing businesses with a jumpstart on planning for the upcoming fiscal year by offering 2023 Marketing Planning Assessments. The Assessments apply Mperativ’s data science methods on a customer’s operational data to come up with insights, predictions, and recommendations that provide customers with a framework for the creation and monitoring of their marketing plan. For example, Mperativ can provide a customer with pipeline and revenue generation scenarios based on varying budget allocations. Objectives are translated into actionable marketing qualified account-based and lead-based target metrics that track progress towards overall goals. The Assessment is a central input to customers’ overall business plan for next year.

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