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How Revenue Marketing Can Unite the Business

Revenue Ops

  • Break down operational silos across revenue-facing teams
  • Obtain a single pane of glass for all revenue sources
  • Standardize the business around critical revenue metrics


  • Understand marketing contribution to pipeline
  • Perform in-depth drill downs to determine where deals originate
  • Track opportunity velocity from engagement to close

Marketing Ops

  • Visualize your complete operational picture at the touch of a button
  • Get back time spent on reports & dashboards for growth priorities
  • Identify inaccurate or outdated data and diagnose where updates are needed


  • Measure revenue output in relation to every marketing dollar spent
  • Drill down to determine the most effective marketing investments
  • Analyze time-series data to identify trends over time

Marketing Leaders

  • Justify your budget by connecting your marketing strategy to revenue output
  • Analyze your progress to determine where you need to adapt
  • Convey marketing influence in a way that resonates with executive peers

Growth Marketing

  • Understand which activities are most effective at different funnel stages
  • Create prescriptive action plans for targeting campaigns
  • Track whether combined micro activities are on track to hit macro goals

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