Introducing the Revenue Marketing Platform

Meet the first platform linking marketing to revenue

Daniel Raskin
December 21, 2021

The Revenue Marketing Platform

Today we announced the release of the Mperativ Revenue Marketing Platform, the first strategic platform aligning marketing with sales, customer success, and finance on the cause and effect relationships between marketing activities and revenue outcomes.

Lead-centric marketing has failed. Despite pouring effort into custom analytics, marketers are struggling to persuade their peers about how they contribute to the bottom line, and their systems are likewise isolated from the sales teams that they rely on. Focusing on leads has sent marketing down a disjointed and lonely path. 

Mperativ centers key marketing metrics around revenue, directly linking marketing models with the rest of the business and making it possible to uncover data narratives across the entire customer journey, from initial engagement to close. Beautifully-designed interactive visualizations help convey marketing value in a revenue-centric language that resonates across executive functions, allowing your entire team to establish a joint understanding of the best pathways to growth. As opposed to flat business intelligence dashboards, Mperativ allows you to perform high-level strategic analysis and then dive into in-depth opportunity details supporting every metric. 

Mperativ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that removes the cost and complexity of building custom marketing analytics platforms. Studies have found that 62% of enterprises spend more than $100k building customer data platforms, with 30% spending up to $500k. The Mperativ serverless data warehouse gets marketing out of the business of designing, managing, and building custom platforms. Users can achieve a 360° view of marketing, sales, finance, and customer success, all by using the data they already have. After just connecting a CRM instance, the platform can be up and running in a day. 

The Mperativ platform currently consists of two core modules: the Revenue Supply Chain and Revenue Insights.

The Revenue Supply Chain

While the traditional sales funnel divides marketing and sales efforts between leads and opportunities, the Revenue Supply Chain aligns every stage around potential revenue, allowing for a single view of the customer journey. Measuring the velocity of an opportunity from the first point of engagement, rather than when it is accepted by sales, provides a more complete and accurate assessment of how revenue is being supplied or where there are roadblocks in the go-to-market process. 

With the Revenue Supply Chain, marketers are able to value every aspect of the demand engine in terms of revenue and demonstrate to all stakeholders in revenue-centric terms exactly how marketing investments have contributed to growth. 

Revenue Insights

Revenue Insights leverages the principles of data journalism to articulate critical business narratives and analyze trends. Combining compelling visual design with instant interactivity, Revenue Insights eliminates the need to spend days or weeks manually preparing data in order to convey stories about the customer journey. 

Core data narratives included with Revenue Insights include assessing revenue momentum in relation to marketing expenditures, understanding customer cohort retention, viewing pipeline growth and coverage, tracking against revenue objectives, and more. 

Opportunity Cards

Combining high-level strategic analysis with in-depth supporting details, Mperativ allows users to click to view the detailed opportunity cards that make up a revenue metric in every component of the Revenue Supply Chain and Revenue Insights. 

Opportunity cards provide both company information and opportunity details, such as opportunity highlights, associated marketing and sales contacts, recent news and activity, opportunity owners, and company details. Crucially, an opportunity card also tracks all marketing campaigns that have influenced the opportunity so that users can better understand campaign outcomes.

Opportunity cards include the Account Quality Index (AQI), used to score companies against a scale that represents perceived value to your organization. AQI is configured based on target location, target industries, ideal revenue range, ideal number of employees, and whether the company has been identified as a target account. The AQI is important for aligning marketing with sales representatives on qualifying prospective accounts.

Advanced Filtering

Throughout the platform, users can filter to analyze granular aspects of their business including industry segments, campaign effectiveness, customer cohorts, regions, and more. Mperativ augments account data with rich firmographic information to enable custom visualizations on the fly.

Time-Series Analysis

A key differentiator for Mperativ is the capture and analysis of time-series data for analyzing trends, making predictions, and measuring growth. CRMs and marketing automation systems are focused on providing a real-time snapshot view of your business, not capturing data over time. With Mperativ, you can pull together the continuous snapshots of real-time operational data from CRMs and marketing automation systems to extract meaningful signals and trends over time, helping to prioritize marketing initiatives and investments. 

Mperativ is bi-temporal, meaning it records data as it actually was, in combination with as it was recorded at some point in time. This allows users to track how a value changes, and understand both what they know and when they knew it. The extra context is key for being more accurate about trends and making predictions.

Serverless Data Warehouse

With a serverless data warehouse, there’s no need to worry about hardware provisioning, data models, scalable architectures, and all the complexities of implementing your own data warehouse. Setup only requires field mappings with Salesforce, and the platform is flexible to accommodate even highly customized CRM structures. Additionally, Mperativ does not charge on a per user basis, allowing everyone access to information without worrying about having enough licenses to go around. 


Mperativ emphasizes powerful visual design as a core company value. Our beautiful UI, with a flexible and interactive UX, is best experienced live. To see for yourself, contact us for a demo.

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