Marketing Platform Update: Marketing KPI Tracker Drill Down by Week or Month

In this blog post, Mperativ Co-founder Daniel Raskin discusses the latest enhancements to the Mperativ KPIs tracker, including weekly and monthly views and the ability to drill down into each KPI.

Daniel Raskin
April 23, 2024

I'm thrilled to announce our latest platform update — enhancing our marketing KPI tracker to support weekly and monthly views, along with the ability to drill down into each KPI. This means you can delve into the specifics of leads, pipeline opportunities, and sales generated within any selected time frame.

The feedback from our customers has been invaluable, and one common request stood out: the need for more granular insights into marketing performance. So, we've responded by introducing new capabilities that allow users to dive deeper into their data and provide weekly and monthly details to better understand trends and changes over time.

Why is this level of detail significant? Well, imagine you're giving weekly updates to your executive team. It's not enough to simply report on quarterly progress; you need to be able to pinpoint exactly what happened within a specific week. That's where our enhanced KPI tracker comes in.

Let's take a closer look at what this feature offers:

1. **Detailed Tracking**: The Mperativ KPI tracker allows users to monitor critical demand engine metrics based on different segments such as region, market size, industry, or even individual reps. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor their tracking to specific needs and strategies.

2. **Time Period Selection**: In addition to tracking quarterly and annual KPIs, users can now select weekly or monthly views, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of performance trends. This allows for better analysis of short-term fluctuations and long-term progress toward objectives.

3. **Fine-grained Drill-Down**: Clicking on specific KPIs reveals detailed insights, such as the specific leads that moved from one stage to another or the pipeline/sales generated during a selected period. This level of granularity empowers users to understand precisely what is driving their marketing success.

4. **Export Functionality**: Users can easily export or copy data to external tools like Google Sheets or Excel for further analysis and sharing with stakeholders. This enhances data portability, enabling more in-depth analysis and reporting.

In conclusion, our latest feature represents a significant step forward in marketing analytics. Mperativ empowers GTM teams to make more informed decisions and better understand what marketing activities are driving pipeline and sales.

We're excited about the possibilities this feature unlocks and look forward to seeing how our customers leverage it to achieve their goals.

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