Introducing Strategic AI with Mperativ: Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis and Marketing Opportunity Scoring

The first platform features to offer AI predictions on connected marketing and sales data across CRM, marketing automation, marketing intent, and sales engagement systems

Andrew Wooler
September 14th, 2022

Marketers have been blocked from taking advantage of AI due to the cost of building a data science practice and the complexity of running algorithms and models that are tuned to the specific characteristics of their business. But even if the resources and know-how are available, it’s still incredibly difficult for marketers to normalize data across all the different areas of the demand engine.

This is important because without a data model that continuously connects the start of the customer journey to the end, there’s no training data for AI to understand which marketing activities drive pipeline and revenue outcomes. As a result, marketers have used AI primarily for low-level automations and tactical tasks. Using AI to inform overall strategy has so far been reserved for other departments like sales and finance.

Earlier today Mperativ announced the first platform features to offer AI predictions on connected marketing and sales data across CRM, marketing automation, marketing intent, and sales engagement systems. With these new features, Mperativ becomes the first cloud offering to bring the strategic value of AI to marketers and their stakeholders, by allowing AI predictions to be easily embedded into the marketing planning and measurement lifecycle. Marketing teams are now equipped to create a standard, scientific approach for repeatably attaining pipeline goals. 

Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis

Instead of assuming flat 3X-4X coverage across the business, Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis provides AI recommendations as to the exact pipeline coverage necessary across every business segment to hit revenue goals. A more realistic pipeline coverage range allows marketing teams to more effectively deploy their resources to different activities and business segments in order maximize their results. 

The forecast model combines classic components of time-series forecasting (trends, seasonality, recurring events, regressors) with neural networks to produce a more precise pipeline coverage range per quarter. The model is automatically tuned for each customer to identify the key parameters that influence a business based on its specific characteristics. Along with the recommendations, users receive a confidence score and an interactive Revenue Insight visual to track and analyze their progress against the recommended goals.

Marketing Opportunity Scoring

Marketing Opportunity Scoring provides insights on which opportunities have the highest propensity to move forward for a customer’s specific business. Scores are generated by AI models based on a variety of segment and opportunity features, such as territory, industry, campaign response rate, lead sources, and more. 

Users can view an opportunity’s score on its specific Opportunity Card, or sort Opportunity Search Results by scores to identify the best opportunities within any given stage or metric. Combined with Marketing Pipeline Coverage Analysis, marketing teams can be aided by sophisticated AI predictions throughout the entire process of high-level strategic planning and specific targeting of their activities.

2023 Marketing Planning Assessments

Mperativ is providing businesses with a jumpstart on planning for the upcoming fiscal year by offering 2023 Marketing Planning Assessments. The Assessments apply Mperativ’s data science methods on a customer’s operational data to come up with insights, predictions, and recommendations that provide customers with a framework for the creation and monitoring of their marketing plan. 

For example, Mperativ can provide a customer with pipeline and revenue generation scenarios based on varying budget allocations. Objectives are translated into actionable marketing qualified account-based and lead-based target metrics that track progress towards overall goals. The Assessment is a central input to customers’ overall business plan for next year.

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